I want to do some things.

I want to get closer to Allah. I want to grow closer to my wife and family. I want to progress with my photography hobby. I want to read and exercise more.

I want to be a better James, and maybe the things on this can help me get there.

I’ve stolen the idea from Jon Wilkening (who stole it from Joel Runyon), and I’m wholly unashamed of this theft. Like Jon, I’m  listing some particularly difficult, far-off goals, but if I can manage to do these things, my relationship with our Maker, my wife and family, my hobbies and my body will be different than it is now, InshaAllah for the better.

I just need to get started.

  • memorize 10 more Surahs
  • learn to read Arabic with comprehension
  • take my wife out of the country on holiday with no debt
  • get strong enough to do curls with my wife
  • make 6 photo zines
  • finish the “going home again” project
  • get interviewed on a blog
  • get interviewed on a podcast
  • get published in a print magazine
  • get a short project included in a show or book
  • set up a wet darkroom and start printing
  • work with someone else (or a group) on a joint project
  • find a group of friends to shoot with regularly

InshaAllah, I’ll update this page with new things, updates, and whatever as time goes on. Make dua for me.