Cameras, Lenses, and other Gear for sale

I have too much gear.

Hopefully, you’re in need of some and willing to take a camera or two, or a lens or three, off my hands.

Everything has been tested and shot with and I’m honest about any issues. I believe my prices are fair.

The sale price includes shipping.

If you’re interested, please send me a note below and include your shipping address. I’ll reply with a PayPal link and will ship within one day of receiving payment. Apologies, but it’s PayPal or no sale at this time.


Ricoh 35 ZF – $35

I recently reviewed the 35 ZF, and you can read it here. This is a great little camera and it functions flawlessly. It comes with a rather beat up lens cover, and I’ll include the strap lugs as well. There are a few small scratches and dings in it, as you might expect from a 42 year old camera, and the winder lever sometimes sticks a bit. It winds correctly, but sometimes needs a second flick to get all the way around. The light seals are new and the lens has no blemishes. (The spots you see in the photograph above are dust on the outside, easily blown off.)

I’m selling it because I have 3 other 1970s Ricoh compacts. Otherwise, I’d keep it. It’s a great little camera.


Sears 35rf (Ricoh 500 RF) – $30

You can read my review of the 35rf/500 RF here. This camera has a few issues:

  • the A mode is not functional (though the meter works and is accurate
  • the shutter speed dial has been de-clicked, so it sometimes slips out of the set shutter speed

That said, it’s fully functional in manual mode, the rangefinder has been calibrated, it has fresh seals made of sticky-backed felt (so the door fits nice and tight), and it’s a fine little camera.

I’m selling it because I have 3 other 1970s Ricoh compacts. Otherwise, I’d probably keep it. It’s a great little camera.